Find Your Bling!


The intuitive game that guides you
to find your diamonds within


For insights, clarity and life direction

Women Playing the Find Your Bling Game

Not Just a Game
A Game Changer

The Find Your Bling game helps to open your mind and bring you a sense of clarity and direction.
The answers you’ve been looking for are within your grasp when you have the right questions.
Come and try for yourself. Enjoy a sense of fun, community and belonging at one of our Bling
game events, or invite one of our Bling Angels to host a VIP private game at your own venue.
Be in your power. Be abundant. Be your best self!




Friends playing the Find Your Bling Game
Angie Rassi - Founder and Creator - Find Your Bling

Meet Angie Rassi

Founder and Creator of Find Your Bling

My dream is to have Find Your Bling in every Women's Shelter in Australia and then the world. Part of every purchase goes towards this dream.

I developed the Find Your Bling Game for fun personal development to easily invite more love, more money, more confidence, more happiness and more abundance into your life. I believe the world is part magical, part practical and that is the essence of Find Your Bling.

 I'm incredibly passionate about personal development to enrich and enhance your life. I dreamt of a team of heart felt women. Now my BLING Angels heal hearts all over the world.

Angie xx

 Find Your Bling Angel!

Alyson Williams
Self Love

Bling Angel Bec

Bec McFarland
Career | Business

Bling Angel Janita

Janita Lloyd
Youth Confidence

Sally Estlin
Holistically Fit

Angie Rassi
Find Your Bling

Angela Bennett

Bling Angel Gina

Gina Callan
Marriage | Mindset

Michele Scherr
Clarity | Success

Julia Mathison
Inner Harmony

Claire Naidu

Jacqui Owen
Natural Systems

Bling Angel Cari

Cari Havican
Self Nourishment