Be in your power. Be confident.
Be & have MORE
more happiness, more love, more money, more abundance
more meaningful, fun conversations
Lift your vibration and the vibration of those around you!

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At Bling HQ we are all about growth and connection, giving you insights, clarity and direction.
You can receive answers to your questions
and best of all; we throw in a bit of BLING  along the way.

B – Belief
L – Love
I – Inspiration
N – New Beginnings
G- Growth

B – Belief
L – Love
I – Inspiration
N – New Beginnings
G– Growth

To be honest, there is no way to describe the benefits, impact and profoundness of a Bling encounter,
The Aha’s comes from participating.
We have included testimonials and Videos that give you an idea, but the magic is in the experience.
Book a Bling event today!! to discover the magic for yourself!

Bling Angels are Among us!

Find Your Bling

Bling Angels guide you to your diamonds within.
Being with a Bling Angel is like a date with the Universe.
Pick your session from a 20-minute taster session to a session which suits you. session.
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Find Your Bling Game

The much acclaimed & Long awaited
Life-Changing Game

Bling Mail

Bling Mail is a special gift sent by mail on your behalf to a person of your choosing.
Bling Mail contains 5 Magical Bling Cards from the hit game “Find Your Bling” to delight and surprise someone you care about. 


If you’re ready to live a life you love – if you’re ready to take time for yourself – if you’re ready take a break from taking care of everyone else in your life – join us and make new friends and start your next chapter of your life fresh. This is the group for you to come together and we will support each other to Find Your Bling.

21 Day Bling Blast

This online six-module course teaches you powerful insights that will help you put the fun back in your life – no matter where you are now. Over 21 days, Angie shares her best secrets of how to live with your BLING.

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Julie Coutts

Wow! What a wonderful way to open your mind and figure out what it is you really want! Totally recommending this game to anyone who is searching for some clarity in their life!

Thanks Angie!

Anna Timmings

The Find Your Bling game is awesome! I was at cross roads and did not know which direction to go and the game gave me the answer that I was looking for. I am so excited to play this game again to prepare me for 2020. 

Thanks Angie!

Antonella Pizzolato

So much clarity & answers playing the Bling Game

Thank You Angie!

Meet Angie Rassi

Founder and Owner of Find Your Bling

Angie is one heck of a Lady with a big vision and huge passion. She is healing hearts all over the world and encouraging us all to live “ïn love and above”.

Angie has always been curious and connected. After her first marriage ended and she began her life again, as an independent mother, she realised there were skills and attitudes which would enhance her life and the life of those around her.

She threw herself into learning and self-development, applied the knowledge and her life blossomed to abundance. Now she wants you to have your version of abundance and it all starts with tuning in.

If you are going to raise your vibration, build the life you love and give back to the world, you might as well have fun on the journey.!
Find your Bling brings fun, sparkle, BLING to the journey whilst giving you practical tools to turn desire into reality.

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