Bling Angel #1
Alyson Williams
Empowering Self Love

Jacqui Owen

Hi, I’m Bling Angel Alyson,

My passion is to empower you by giving you skills and strategies to guide you on an inner journey to self-love.

As a Transformation & Mindset Coach and Self-love Mentor, I empower you to love yourself and live a life you love.

I am supported by my training as a Transformational coach, Relationship coach, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Coach, Extended DISC Behaviour Analysis Practitioner and Hypnotherapist.

Using the Magic of Bling along with all the tools in my toolkit, I facilitate your journey toward your ideal outcome, ultimately a life you have created for yourself!   💖💖💖

   +61 432 580 886

Bling Angel #2
Bec McFarland
Career | Business

Jacqui Owen

Hi There, I’m Bling Angel Bec,

A career and business coach and the owner of Pop Your Career and Pop Your Business.

I am passionate about helping you find your own personal flavour of fulfilment, whether you’re a business owner or in a more traditional career.

My clients enjoy my sense of humour, my wide breadth of knowledge and my ability to make even the most complex tasks manageable.

I facilitate a supportive, engaging community that thrives with my cheeky supportive way of pushing people outside of their comfort zones to achieve real, tangible results.

I am a DISC Advanced® Accredited Consultant and Facilitator, NLP Master Practitioner, Adesso™ Practitioner, Certified Soul Modes™ Mentor and Bling Angel. I also hold qualifications in business, management, human resources, and learning and development.

I live in Canberra with my husband, pooch and adorable bearded dragon.


Bling Angel #3
Janita Llyod
Youth | Confidence 

Jacqui Owen

Hello, I’m Bling Angel Janita,

I specialise in conversations with you! especially if you are a teenager, navigating the maelstrom of information around you while striving to discover and bring your unique genius to the world.

I understand it takes time to build confidence in your unique self, I understand your body, and specifically, your skin, is changing and this can be challenging to your self-confidence and self-image.  I would be honoured to guide you on a journey to show up in the world as yourself, the self you want the world to see.

As a mother and a human being, I want to stop the cycle of low self-esteem and self-confidence. 

The world needs YOU!

   +61 421 491 671

Bling Angel #4
Sally Estlin
Holistically Fit


Jacqui Owen

Hi, I’m Bling Angel Sally,

Helping men and women become fitter and healthier in their minds, bodies and lives

I energetically connect with your feelings and emotions with understanding and empathy to help clear the blocks holding you back.

I am passionate about creating positive change around Self Love and Self Worth, so you can ultimately Let Go, Step Up and Be More!

It’s definitely time to Lift into your greatness!

  +61 414 593 741

Bling Angel #5
(Maternity Leave)


Bling Angel #6
Angela Bennett

Jacqui Owen

Hi, I’m Bling Angel Angela,

I am an ex-sex worker, a domestic violence thriver, a (Les Brown certified) speaker, transformational coach and author, mama of 5 adult children and Glam-ma to 1 gorgeous granddaughter.

I am a woman who empowers other women (you) to navigate the path to your highest, most spectacular, powerful self.

Bling Angel #7
Gina Callan
Marriage and Mindset 

Jacqui Owen

Hello, I’m Bling Angel Gina,

And I love talking relationships, Joy and Bling.

I specialise in working with incredible women, couples and families who value creating and nourishing (or rekindling)  loving and committed partnership/s.  With  support, you learn how to be emotionally intimate with yourself and the special people in your ambit or scope of influence. 

You may want to learn or revise the basics for a joyful and fulfilling relationship. Or you may be preparing for or repairing your marriage, you may be looking to reconnect with your inner bling so that your family, friends and business teams can function better and experience great abundance.

If you are willing and ready to learn, grow and conciously nurture yourself and your important relationship/s, I can support you to reset, reignite and reconnect with your inner bling and with those to whom you feel connected.  

   +61 410 465 414

Bling Angel #8
Michele Scherr
Clarity and Success

Jacqui Owen

Hello, I’m Bling Angel Michele,

I help people to dream and achieve their own successes.

After almost 20 years as a Registered Nurse working full time in the Australian Defence Force,  specialising in emergency / critical care nursing, my real buzz came from mentoring and coaching others to learn and achieve what they wanted from a health perspective, a management perspective, and a leadership perspective.

My specialty now is helping you with clarity and success in your life.

I work with individuals and groups, facilitating workshops, events and Bling sessions.

Bling Angel #9
Julia Mathison
Inner Harmony | Outer Radiance


Julia Mathison Bling Angel

Hello, I’m Bling Angel, Julia.

A writer and wordsmith who believes your words can build your world. Speaking into your dreams and casting a vision for your life is the first step to realising those dreams.

Your imagination was gifted to you to use for your highest purpose. I have spent many years studying energy, the power of natural plants and the impact of frequency on balancing emotional, hormonal and physical states.  I am also an Access Bars Facilitator, an essential oil educator, a lawyer and author.

As a Bling Angel, I focus on supporting you with your internal dialogue and external rituals to create emotional stability and harmony, so you can truly feel into and access your feminine radiance, at any age.

I currently hover over France and am your international angel.

WhatsApp iconWhatsApp + 61 403 991 040

Bling Angel #10
Claire Naidu
Beautiful Relationships

Jacqui Owen

Hi There, I’m Bling Angel Claire,

Experienced relationship specialist and passionate about creating beautiful relationships. 

I bring a wealth of experience as a relationship and family mediator, lawyer, and consultant.

If you want to sit with someone who is compassionate and reliable to explore your relationships in a safe environment, I will honour your trust.

Bling Angel #11
Jacqui Owen
Healthy Building Blocks

Hi, I’m Bling Angel  Jacqui,

I’m curious, a pattern noticer, and life long learner. I am constantly wowed by the natural systems on this planet we call home and the way they interact with each other to create synergies or devastation.

I encourage you to explore and design support systems based on natural behaviours to support growth,  life and maximise joy and connection. This includes the right balance of feminine/yin and masculine/yang energy for you and for our planet.

When systems are designed well and are in balance; health, vitality and synergy are the outcome.  

Bling Angel #12
Cari Havican

Cari Havican - Bling Angel

Hi, I’m Bling Angel Cari,

A Yoga Teacher/Therapist of 20+ years.
I have witnessed many women with beautiful generous hearts, deplete their energy & well-being from constantly giving to others and rarely replenishing their own needs.

I believe when our energetic cup is empty – finding the inner strength to continue giving becomes so difficult.

I am truly passionate about helping you if you want to build & maintain resilience, keep your energetic cup full.

I love coaching you to unlock your full potential & create the levels of success you desire through Wellness, Lifestyle and Personal Growth.

  0412 297 304