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Meet Angie

Owner and Founder of Find Your Bling, Angie Rassi is a passionate, bubbly woman with a heart of gold. She cares about each and every woman in the BLINGverse and wants us all to have our own version of abundance. Better yet, she fully believes we all have our own answers, Find Your Bling helps us tune in.

She’s also honest. Her life wasn’t (and indeed isn’t) always sparkles and magic. In her own words:

There was a time when I was at a really low point, completely overwhelmed and so empty on the inside I couldn’t see a way out. I was living a life I didn’t want, and I was filled with so much doubt and worry I could barely get my head off the pillow each day, let alone find the energy and confidence to change things.
Then a friend gave me How to Heal Your Life by the late Louise Hay.


Louise Hay changed my life! Literally. Louise had jumped off the merry-go-round of a life she didn’t want and had built one she did. Reading her book gave me the courage to do the same.
I immersed myself in personal development workshops and my energy and my mindset changed forever!

Within months my world seemed to settle down, and for the first time in ages I was able to catch my breath, think about where I wanted to go and find the courage to make big decisions. I finally found happiness, peace and contentment.

I was so in awe of how completely one book had changed the course of my life that I decided to devote my life to helping other women change their lives and find happiness. So, I became a certified Louise Hay trainer and then
a Master NLP Practitioner.

Now I do what I love every single day working with gorgeous women all over the world. I dedicate my time to helping women at a fork in the road – just like I once was.
Find Your Bling allows me to help an infinite number of women find their own way.

However you choose to Find Your Bling – I trust that you have the answers within you.


Much Love, Angie xxx

Ways to Work With Angie

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Bling Reading

Looking for more love and abundance in your life?
Have a decision to make and are not sure which is the right way for you right now? Book a Bling Reading with Angie, online or in person.
You bring your question and open heart, Angie will do the rest.
Sessions start at $70 for 20 minutes.

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Join The Bling Village

The Bling Village is a women-only space to rest and recharge.
With weekly Bling cards drawn and Tune-in Tuesdays where Angie hosts a live session teaching a practical tool to help you build the life you want each week, this is a place to lift your spirits and support you in Finding Your Diamonds within and sharing them with the world.

Membership Group: $99 til the end of 2022
Contact Angie to join


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Become A Bling Angel

You will love hosting your own events and having fun while you help others, all on your own terms.

Make the private readings and game events fit around your life.