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There’s a Bling event for you. The only limit is your imagination.
A Bling Angel will consult with you, bring the games, and can arrange extras on request.
Events start at $390 with a maximum of 20 people.
Let us know your vision and we will do the rest!

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The ABC’s to
Living Life on Purpose

With Bling Angel Michele

Online over 12 weeks
Monday Evenings
Starting March 28 2022


Eliminate your Mean Girl and
Illuminate your Best Self

With Bling Angel Alyson

Online over 8 Weeks
Wednesday Evenings
Starting April 27


Break Through Your Barriers 
to Step into Your Brilliance

With Bling Angel Sally

Online over 4 Weeks
Monday Mornings
Commencing Monday 9th of May


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Alyson Williams
Self Love

Bling Angel Bec

Bec McFarland
Career | Business

Bling Angel Janita

Janita Lloyd
Youth Confidence

Sally Estlin
Holistically Fit

Angie Rassi
Find Your Bling

Angela Bennett

Bling Angel Gina

Gina Callan
Marriage | Mindset

Michele Scherr
Clarity | Success

Julia Mathison
Inner Harmony

Claire Naidu

Jacqui Owen
Natural Systems

Bling Angel Cari

Cari Havican
Self Nourishment