Aug 08 - 12 2021


2:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Bling Angel Certification

The Bling Angel Certification teaches practicing coaches how to coach using the Find Your Bling Game and its’ included tools.

As part of the certification, you will:

♦ Learn and become proficient, skilled, and gifted at playing the game in different ways: One on One, Exclusive Bling Evenings, and Corporate Wellness days. This allows you to attract a variety of clients and grow your business.

♦ Learn Angie’s workshops – How to be a Queen and have a King, Unleash Your Intuition, 21 Day Bling Blast and The Secret of Eight – there is something for everybody.

♦ Learn how to package your own workshops and courses, present your services, and attract
the right clients.

♦ Receive the complete Bling Manual. (Note: The subjects included in this certification are not the standard subjects you find in most courses. They are the essential skills, tools, and strategies you need to become a successful Bling Angel.)

More Information available here