Jun 02 2020


9:30 am - 10:15 am



FREE Online Event – Need higher guidance?

The Find Your Bling Game is now open for you on Zoom for FREE for 45 minutes!
This is a gift from me to you to get through isolation.
If you’re ready to START FRESH in some area of your life, come and play the Find Your Bling Game. It’s an intuitive game that will give you INSIGHTS, CLARITY and DIRECTION to make room for new and exciting things so your life can SHINE.
So much magic happens when you play the Find Your Bling Game. You literally become a magnet for your desires.
Start the energy flow of more confidence, happiness, abundance and love in your life.
Book now for FREE! I’m really looking forward to meeting you and playing the Find Your Bling Game with you.
Angie xx

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