Who is the Find Your Bling Game for?

The Find Your Bling Game was designed for women to come together with other likeminded women. It’s for women who are looking for more out of life.

The Find Your Bling Game is for women are:

  • Ready to feel more confident
  • Ready to deepen their relationships
  • Ready to find out how to be loved, cherished and adored
  • Looking for a business or career change
  • Ready to make better decisions about their health
  • Looking for more out of life
  • Want insights, clarity and direction around things that are happening in their lives
How many people do I need to have an exclusive Bling Games Evening?
The suggested number is 6 to 12 people which makes the evening a lot of fun. If you have less people, please contact Angie so together you can work out the best way to host the evening.
What is included?
Angie will bring everything required to play the game and a surprise gift for each of your guests.

She is also very happy to organise nibbles Suggested options are: Champagne & strawberries, Goodness Godness night – evening with raw treats and juices, Magical tea evening – make an impression with glorious teas.

These are just a few suggestions from Angie. Chat with Angie about what you and your friends would love.

Conditions – based on numbers, packages start from $250.

What does it cost?
An exclusive Bling Games Evening costs $65 per person. The minimum charge of $390 which is equivalent to 6 guests. All payments need to be made prior to the evening.
Who is an Exclusive Bling Games Evening for?
The Bling Games Evening is an exclusive event for women who want to manifest wonderful things in their lives in comfort of their own home with their closest girlfriends. This is also a wonderful way to have Angie all to yourself. She will guide you through the evening in a way that empowers meaningful conversations with your girlfriends.

Because this is a fun girl’s night in, just gather your girlfriends. It is a fantastic opportunity for you and them to have a fun-filled night. The wonderful thing about the Bling Games Evening is that it is for all ages.

How long does an Exclusive Bling Games Evening go for?
Angie will play the game with your guests from 6:30pm – 8:30pm, but please allow an extra half an hour so she can stay and answer questions if needed.

Angie will need to arrive an hour and a half before the starting time to set up the evening. This will be a great time for you to set up the room together and have a cup of tea.

What do I need to provide?
You will need to provide chairs, tables (or multiple tables if you have a large number for guests) for the game to be played on. You’re welcome to provide tea/coffee or other refreshments of your choice as you know your guests’ taste.

If you would prefer to hold your Exclusive Bling Games Evening at a venue instead of your home, Angie is happy to attend and would love to talk to you about the best way to host the evening.

What happens after the event?
After the event, Angie is a lover of surprise BLING mail. All of your guests will receive a lovely gift in the mail.