I met Angie in May 2021 and we instantly clicked. Earlier that year, I had decided to go into coaching and mentoring, but was struggling to find my way. After meeting Angie and experiencing a Find Your Bling event, I was blown away by the potential of both the coaching gamification she had designed and the potential business opportunity she was offering through the Bling Angels.

So I didn’t hesitate to get involved – it’s essentially a business in a box. It’s all done. My input was to learn, tailor the services to my ‘flavour’ and get advertising. I was looking for something that would help me to stand out from the rest of the coaching/mentoring crowd in a saturated market and Find your Bling has been it for me. It’s allowed me to easily find processes and ways of connecting with clients that are unique. Once I understood the cards and how to best use them (before the certification was finished), I began holding events and seeing clients privately, helping others to really connect and feel heard – insights, clarity, and direction. Less than a month after completing the Bling Angel Retreat and I already have a 12-week course running with several participants and I have absolutely NO doubts how I can help them. It’s been an amazing trip and it’s only going to get better from here!