Having recently come through a heartbreaking split with my partner and facing some interesting challenges in my business, the opportunity to play ‘Find Your Bling’ one-on-one with Angie was something I couldn’t pass up.

From the beginning, I found myself being presented with answers that I hadn’t otherwise considered and was exactly what I needed to hear.  Angie guided me through – with much warmth and laughter – helping me consider other ways of thinking about things.

I am, usually, always interested in considering new and interesting challenges, however, my broken heart has felt like I wasn’t able.  Playing ‘Find Your Bling’ with Angie has given me a different perspective and allowed me to consider a future that is vastly different to my present.

I cannot recommend this game, or the marvellous Angie, highly enough.  If you feel like your heart is sticky-taped together, play this game.  It has healing qualities!