Ways to Play
Find Your Bling

Get ready, good things are coming your way

Let the magic happen and magnetise your dreams

Ways to Play

There are so many ways to put some Bling in your life.
Play solo, Play with friends and family, Play with your team, Play at an event or as a fundraiser,
use as a coaching tool or Play with a Bling Angel.

Play Solo

When you play solo – there are no rules…

Let the cards speak to you, let the dice guide your choices. Reflect, journal, laugh or cry.

Take the journey within and connect to your inner wisdom. You have the magic.

With Friends and Family

 Reignite your passions and intimacies, connect with the joy and magic inside.

Find Your Bling is perfect for your next date night, dinner party or big family event. All ages and personalities will find their own abundance and magic.

Keep it light and fun or go deep within to heighten intimacy and connection… The choice is always yours (and theirs).

VIP Events

Whether your VIP event is a gathering of friends or a team-building session with colleagues, Find Your Bling, with all its magic and sparkle, inspires and motivates, opening paths of communication.

VIP events and Team building days have never been this much fun.

Events and Fundraising

Manifest wonder into your life, invite a Bling Angel to host an event for you.

Raise funds for charity, or embrace insights, clarity and direction in a night of magic and laughs.

Tailor a theme or let the magic weave its own…

Coaching Tool

As a coach there is a true joy in seeing a client gain new knowledge and purpose, knowing they have tapped into their own inner wisdom.

Find Your Bling supports coaches empowering their clients, building connection within the therapeutic relationships and inspiring great questions, and magical affirmations.

With A Bling Angel

With open hearts and loving minds, our Bling Angels are your guides to connection and new paths to Find Your Bling.

A guide for any form of group or one-on-one session, having an angel present is our favourite way to play.


Find Your Bling guides you to tune in to your inner wisdom,
drawing on creator Angie Rassi’s 15 years experience
as a relationship coach, certified Louise Hay Facilitator and NLP practitioner.

Find Your Bling invites you to focus on a question in your life.
Then draw cards and consider the card’s message in relation to your question.
Each deck has a focus and every card will provide a path to your intuition.


All with a little Bling thrown in for good measure