Women I Love & Trust

Women I Love and Trust is a page dedicated to women who have enriched my life in so many ways.
This is not a “paid for” page, it is because I would like to share their businesses with you too.

Karina Godwin

Divine Karina and I meet over 10 years on a Sonia Choquette retreat in New Zealand.
Her journey of healing has been extraordinary and the space she comes from is truly pure goodness. I encourage you to check out her luxury retreats if you’re looking for deep healing.

Anne Miles

Awesome Anne plays in the high end media world. I have known Anne for 15 year and she always has your back. If you’re ready to shake, rattle and roll your brand in big league, she’s got you.
She has been a huge part of the Bling brand!

Bonnie Weston

Down to earth Bonnie is the Find Your Bling rock. Thanks to Bonnie all the stress of finding documents etc. has gone. She is of the utmost integrity, diligent and professional in every way. I couldn’t manage BLING without her. If you’re looking for someone to get you organised call Bonnie – TheAvid Organiser.


Fabulous Mel (social media dinosaur) gave me the confidence to connect and promote Find Your Bling online. Her understanding of what your business needs in branding and social media is exceptional. Her patience, knowledge and generosity is to be truly admired. I can highly recommend her new business with the lovely Ngaire.

Kate the Greeny

Caring Kate has the biggest heart for helping our beautiful planet more than anyone I know. Her environmentally friendly teachings are invaluable and I just love how generous she is with her knowledge and wisdom. The Enjo products have changed my home to an environmentally one.

Wendy James

Gorgeous Wendy ooooozzzes integrity and has created a magical gift box full of surprises. My friends who have received this gift have absolutely LOVED it. If you’re looking for something super special and super classy, I can highly recommend this Because You Matter gift.

Debbie Klugger

Caring Deb will take you on a gentle journey of healing your inner child and teach you how to deal with all the emotions that surface through life. She always says the right thing at the right time. Embracing and healing your inner child with Deb’s private session are very nurturing.

Chelsea McGuinness

Chelsea is an absolute sweetheart and I have loved the journey of creating a new website with her. She is dedicated to creating the right website for you with your own unique flavour is beyond Brilliant. I can highly recommend Chelsea when you’re looking for a new website.

Anna Timmings

Anna has such a tranquil energy about her. She makes the most beautiful bracelets which have powerful energy that can amplify your affirmations. Her stones are high quality and I absolutely love wearing mine. I encourage you to check out her videos and see how she infuses them with mother earth energy. It’s AMAZING!!!

Misty Henkel

Misty is the Queen of Selling. If you’re looking to learn how to sell and promote your amazing product, especially if you’re that amazing product is you, Misty will have you on track before you know it. She is beyond generous with her knowledge and walks her talk. You will be doing your business a favour by learning from Misty.

Misty Henkel

Sue holds a space of unconditional acceptance on the deepest level. She is able to read the problem accurately and works energetically to really make a difference. I definitely feel my immune system has been strengthened and rejuvenated with her beautiful Quantum Healing techniques. If you’re looking for energy healing, you will be in good hands with Sue.